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Founding Father and the 3rd president
Person who supports a system of government in which several states unite under a central authority
These two groups, Democratic-Republicans and Federalist, are called
Policy of a government in dealing with other countries
Founding Father and the 2nd president
Party that was in opposition to the policies of the Federalist party
A national legislative body composed of the House of Representatives and Senate
The 4th president and is hailed as Father of the Constitution
13 colonies became one nation called
The first Secretary of the Treasury and was killed by Aaron Burr
Purchase of territory from France in 1803
Pictorial representation of colonial union produced by colonist in America (snake)
Were not given the right to vote until 1920
President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from this country
Founding Father and the 1st president
Person who opposed the ratification of the Constitution
A nation or state's fundamental set of laws
The introduction of the Constitution
Country that colonized America