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Geometry Puzzle

Angle with measure of 90 degrees
Part of a line
Triangle with one obtuse angle
Angle with measure of 180 degrees
Lines that never cross
Four right angles with congruent sides
The middle of a line segment
Lines that intersect at a right angle
Only one pair of parallel sides
A straight path of points that goes forever in two ways
Triangle with all three angles acute
Two angles whose measure adds up to 90 degrees
Pair of angles formed by intersecting lines that don't share a side
Triangle with one right angle
Lines that cross
Angle with measure of less that 90 degrees
Triangle with all equal sides
Flat surface that extends forever
Where two lines intersect
Triangle with all sides unequal
Part of a line with one end point
Four right angles
All sides are congruent
Pair of angles with a common side and vertex
An exact location in space