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African American Business Owners & Inventors

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Designed Fairchild Channel F, 1st home video gaming system with interchangeable cartridge-based games
He was the founder of Johnson Publishing
1st woman to head a Fortune 500 Compan
Established the 1st Law firm on Wall Street
Help to create truck refrigeration units known as "Thermo King"
Invented the folding cabinet bed and became the first woman to receive a US Patent
1st talent agent with the William Morris Agency of New York
Co-Founder of Pro-Line Corp and making the Jheri-Curl product
He and his sister contributed to the invention of the potato chip. "Saratoga Chips"
Invented the LinkLIne software that is used by Equal Employment Opportunity
The1st to own a major newspaper
Founder of Walker & Company and one of their major products is Bevel
1st woman doctor to receive a medical patent
1st piano manufacturer in the world
She has her own Fashion Jewelry company and was the founding president of AKA at Univ. Michigan - Dearborn