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environmental crossword puzzle

Kenneth Henderson ||
Relating to or living on the bottom of water body.
The gently sloping underwater edge of a continent.
Living between the surface and floor of ocean
The flow of a liquid or gas in a certain direction.
Relating to, or living along shorelines between the highest reach.
Flat land that is intermittently flooded by the ocean
A name given to benthic fish that live or eat along the bottom, such as cold.
A harmful algal blossom consisting of algae that produce reddish pigments
A zone of the ocean breath the surface in rapidly with depth
See intertidal
A population explosion of toxic algae caused by excessive nutrient concentrations
An ice like solid consisting of molecules of methane.
An area of the ocean designated as a no fishing zone
In the ocean, the flow of cold deep water toward the surface.
In the ocean, the flow of warm surface water toward the ocean floor.
That portion of a commercial fishing catch consisting of animals caught unintentionally.
An area of the ocean set aside to protect marine life from fishing pressures.
A tree with a unique type of roots that curve upward to obtain oxygen.
A mass of calcium carbonate composed of skeletons of tiny colonial marine organisms called corals.
An area where a river flows into the ocean, mixing fresh water with salt water
A highly industrialized approach to commercial fishing
The study of the physics, chemistry, biology, and geology
Large brown algae or seaweed that can form underwater forests, providing habitat for marine organisms.
The period ice rise and fall of the ocean's height.