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Spanish 2 Quiz VM pgs 107-112 (Chapter 18: Part 2)

Batit in English
If your meat is cooked poco hecho (English)
If your meat is cooked medio hecho (English)
To put ingredients in a bowl gradually, you would put them in "little by little", what is Spanish for these 3 words?
To blend completamente in English
Separately in Spanish
Cook in Spanish
Despues in English
Lentamente (English)
To stir ligeramente (English)
De una vez translates to All at ___________
Cocido in English
Spanish word "Revolver" in English
Asar al horno in English
At the same time in Spanish is Al mismo _________
Raw in Spanish
First in order (Spanish)
Ocasionalmente in English
Heat in Spanish
Exactamente (English)
Ripe in Spanish
Por Ultimo (English)