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Science Crossword

A deep valley that forms along a divergent boundary
The name of the continents when they were all together
Well tested theory that explains a wide range of observations
Soft layer
The Lithosphere is broken into separate sections called ___
On your way to the center of the Earth, there is an increase in ___
A layer of hot rock
Heat transfer within a material is called ___
Layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin
The transfer of energy through space is called ___
Core thats a layer of molten metal
A trace of an ancient organism
Oceanic crust consists of rocks such as ___
Core thats a dense ball of solid metal
Boundary of which two plates move apart
Continental crust consists of rocks such as ___
Rigid layer
Boundary of which plates come together
Breaks in the earths crust
Boundary of which the plates slip past each other