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Science Chapter 3

any path along which elections can flow
a piece of clear material that bends light rays passing through it
the bending of light rays
a material that resists the flow of electrons
the transfer of thermal energy through currents in a liquid or a gas
energy an object has because of its condition
a material that conducts electrons easily
a material that doesn’t carry electrons
the attraction or repulsion between objects with a positive or negative charge
he average kinetic energy of all the molecules in an object
the flow of electrons
the transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic waves
the direct transfer of thermal energy between objects that touch
a quality determined by the speed of vibration of sound waves
the ability to cause changes in matter
a magnet formed by the flow of electric current
what an object gets when it gains or loses electrons
light bounces off an object
the transfer of thermal energy from one substance to another
energy of motion
the loudness of sound