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Christian Faith

created by Jamie Mailhot
Scriptures of the Old and New Testament
Short story that teaches a religious or moral lesson
High respect for someone
The Son of God
Through this you talk to God/Jesus
Prove more powerful
Suffer patiently r last throughout
Sacred writings of the Bible
Compassion for someone in harm's way
Feeling worthless-miserable
Come back to life after death
Sharp disapproval: reproof
A personal story
An inspired teacher of God
Counselor,helper, teacher
Immoral act against divine law
Safe Sheltered feeling or place
Spiritual Reign or authority of God
Spiritual daily readings
Prayer ender
Teaching of Christ
God's protection
Extreme sacrifice of food
Group of believers that get together
Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
Where God and the Angels live
River where Jesus was baptized
Leader of the Jewish nation in the Hebrew Bible
Feel sorry for something you have done
To be saved by God
Morally right
Parts of law in Exodus 20
Magnificent Beauty
Nail to the Cross, resulting in death
To be victorious, prove more powerful
To rule over
Feeling uncertainty
Bring into existence (like God did to this earth)
God Almighty
Admit sin
Followers of Jesus Christ
To save from sin
Strong belief in God
Free, unmerited favor of God