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Geosphere Vocabulary 1

Hydro/Biosphere Vocabulary Review

A continuous elevated zone on the floor of all the major ocean basins and varying in width
A surface feature in the seafloor produced by the descending plate during subduction
A region where the rigid plates are moving apart, typified by the oceanic ridges
The thin rocky outer layer of earth
A destructive plate margin where crust is being pushed down into the mantle beneath a second plate
A boundary in which two plates slide past each other without creating or destroying lithosphere
Mountains formed in part by volcanic activity caused by the subduction of oceanic lithosphere beneath a continent
The proposed super continent that 200 mya began to break apart and form the present landmasses
A chain of volcanic islands generally located a few hundred km from a trench where subduction of one oceanic slab beneath another is occurring
A layer beneath the mantle about 2,260 km thick, containing liquid iron and generating Earth's magnetic field
The rigid outer layer of earth including the crust and upper mantle
A boundary in which plates move together
One of the numerous rigid sections of the lithosphere that moves as a unit over the material of the asthenosphere
A hypothesis that proposed that the continents had once been joined to form a single supercontinent
The theory that proposes that Earth's outer shell consists of individual plates that interact in various ways
The process by which plate tectonics produces new oceanic lithosphere at ocean ridges
Deep faulted structure found a long the axis of divergent plate boundaries, seafloor or land
A weak plastic layer of the mantle situated below the lithosphere, the rock within the zine is easily deformed
Solid innermost layer of earth about 1,220lm in radius
The 2,890 km thick layer of earth located below the crust
The boundary deparating the crust from the mantle, discernible by an increase in the velocity of seismic waves