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Science Vocabulary

Instrument used to measure wind speed.
Cold air mass pushes under a warm air mass, forcing the warm air to rise sharply.
Amount of water vapor in the air.(damp/sticky)
Measures how fast air molecules are moving.
The boundary where 2 air masses meet.
Two air masses meet and stop moving.
Used to measure air pressure. (millibars)
Large bodies air covering land and oceans that move.
Located near the equator.
Day to day conditions.
Movement of satellites and space crafts.
Form when air rises.
Water that falls to Earth.
Water vapor that condenses on surface.
High in the atmosphere, flowing from west to east.
Wind that flow from west to east and toward the poles.
"blanket" of air that surrounds Earth.
Location of radio communication: auroras. ("Northern Lights")
Winds that blow toward the equator from 30 degrees North and South latitude.
Warm, moist air mass slides up and over a cold air mass.