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Physics Ch 1-3

two items that are associated such as when one item increases, the other increases
describes the ability of an object to resist compression. It will retain its shape
the rate at which a sound wave travels through a medium
when two numbers with a reciprocal relationship are multiplied together, the result is one
measure of particle motion
Two items that are not associated
the number of particular events that occur in a specific duration of time
the interference of a pair on in-phase waves results in the formation of a single wave of greater amplitude than either of its components. This combination is where the resulting wave is larger than either of its components
concentration of force in an area
the concentration of energy in a sound beam
sound waves are identified by oscillations in acoustic variables. Such as pressure, density, and distance
the time It takes a wave to vibrate a single cycle, or the time from the start of one cycle to the start of the next cycle
particles move in the same direction that the wave propagates
after a wave is identified as a sound wave, it is important to describe the wave’s features. Identified by seven parameters ( period, frequency, amplitude, power, intensity, wavelength, and propagation speed)
the “bigness” of a wave. The difference between the maximum value and the average or undisturbed value of an acoustic variable
Describes the relative weight of a material
the interference of a pair of out-of-phase waves results in formation of a single wave of lesser amplitude than that at least one of its components, this combination is where the resultant wave is smaller than one of its components
the effects of the sound wave upon the biologic tissue through which it passes
also known as the vertical axis runs up and down (no space in between)
frequency is reported in this unit, means per second
two items are associated such that when one item increases the other decreases
The rate of energy transfer or the rate at which work is performed
two items that are associated or affiliated
concentration of mass in a volume
also known as the horizontal axis runs side to side (no space in between)