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Physics Ch 6 - 7

A special form of scattering occurs when the structure’s dimensions are much smaller than the beam’s wavelength. Redirects the sound wave equally in all directions
the intensity of the portion of the incident beam that, after striking a boundary, continues forward in the same general direction that it was traveling
The random redirection of sound in many directions. Sound scatters when the tissue interface is small, that is, equal to or less than the wavelength of the incident sound beam
Intensity reflection coefficient is the percentage of the intensity that bounces back when a sound beam strikes the boundary between two media(abbrv)
the distance sound travels in a tissue that reduces the intensity of sound to one-half its original value
Intensity transmission coefficient is the percentages of intensity that passes in the forward direction when the beam strikes an interface between two media(abbrv)
critical to ultrasound’s ability to image structures located deep in the body
the sound wave’s intensity immediately before it strikes a boundary
Sound waves weaken as they propagate in a medium. This decrease in intensity, power, and amplitude as sound travels
the number of decibels of attenuation that occurs when sound travels ¬¬one centimeter
As sounds strikes a boundary, a portion of the wave’s energy may be redirected or reflected to the sound source. Reflection weakens the portion of the sound wave that continues in the forward direction
occurs when a light wave strikes a mirror. One limitation of specular reflectors is that once the wave is slightly off-axis, the reflection does not return to transducer
the intensity of the portion of the incident sound beams that, after striking a boundary, returns back from where it came
Means that the incident sound beam strikes the boundary at exactly 90 degrees. The study of reflection and transmission when sound strikes an interface is straightforward
when a wave reflects off an irregular surface, it radiates in more than one direction. Also known as backscatter
the acoustic resistance to sound traveling in a medium
A change in direction of wave propagation when traveling from one medium to another
It’s the third and most sizeable component of attenuation. Occurs when ultrasonic energy is converted into another energy form, such as heat.
A unitless number with a value from 0 to 1