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Texas As A State Chapter 15

Attacked Mexico City during the US-Mexican War
​believed each territory should set its own policies on slavery
believed in nativism
President who made the Gadsden Purchase
​peace agreement signed on February 2, 1848, after the U.S.–Mexican War
Before the civil war
Included many former Whigs
Texas president who favored Texas annexation
president of the United States during the U.S.-Mexican War
US envoy sent to Mexico to negotiate purchase of disputed territory
Made up the majority of European settlers
called for Texas to give up its claim to land in New Mexico for $10 million in 1850
nited States would have paid the Republic of Texas' debts of $12 million as part of agreement
campaigned against the annexation of Texas ​
The 1845 constitution provided support for these institutions
area surrendered by Mexico after the U.S.–Mexican War
​thought slavery should be allowed in all territories
​commander of the U.S. forces in Texas at the beginning of the U.S-Mexican War
area along the southern borders of New Mexico and Arizona that the United States bought from Mexico
They could not vote under the Texas state constitution