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History of China

Name of China's currency
The city that used to be a colony of the U.K.
What was China called in 1912?
How many dynasties are there?
Major ethnic group in China.
What was China called since 1949?
What celebration falls in the start of a new year?
What is the only animal found in China?
China is what type of government?
Who is China's current president?
What was the last China dynasty?
What palace has 9,000 rooms?
What wall was started in the Ming dynasty?
What was the first dynasty?
What eating utensil was developed 5,000 years ago?
In 2600BC, China invented ways to calculate a years.
What soldiers were buried under ground in China?
What is the most common language in China?
What philosophy was created 3,000 years ago?
What state is contested by China?