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Civil War

Name of war between the North and South.
This battle was the turning point of the war.
Who had prewar jobs like, plantations, farms, and shops due to the need of money?
If the North won the Civil War they would abolish what?
Lincoln drafted what that freed enslaved people?
What battle had the second highest losses after the Gettysburg battle?
Cracker like bread consumed by the Confederate army.
Who's home served as Sherman's headquarters until February, 1865
What caused Georgia to be short of supplies and education?
Georgia city that produced gun powder for the entire Confederacy.
Commander of the Union army.
The taking of what fort by the Confederates marked the beginning of the civil war
The president of the Confederate States of America.
Which captain was blamed for many of the problems at Andersonville Prison?
Who made the Gettysburg Adress to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives.
This battle was the first major land battle of the war.
Who is known for their march called " March to the Sea"?
Commander of the Confederate army.
Which side lost over 260,000 soldiers due to the war.
In the war the North was called what?