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It is Better to Obey God

Daniel would not eat the king's what?
Some of the vessels belonging to the house of God went to the land of?
How long did the israelite captivies have to learn the new language that the King of Babylon wanted them to learn? note: 2 word answer
Who allowed the seizing of Jerusalem?
After the test period the 4 of them looked how compared to the ones eating the king's diet
The King of Babylon want the Israelites he took captive to learnthe literature and language of the?
Who was the king of Babylon?
What name was given Azariah?
Belteshazaar was actually whom?
What city did Nebuchadnezzar seize?
Daniel would not drink the king's what?
What name was given Mishael?
God gave Daniel understanding in all visions and _____?
What did Daniel ask for him and the other 3 men with him to eat?
God gave the 4 men learning and skill in all _____ and wisdom?
Whom was the enuch afraid of when Daniel and the other 3 didn't want to eat the food and drink first chosen for them?note: 2 words
The 4 were better than all the _____ and enchanters n the kingdom?
What did Daniel want for him and the other 3 men to drink?
The king said the Daniel, Hannaniah, Mishael and Azariah were how many times better than the rest in their learning?
Who was the king of Judah?
Who was the king of Babylon's chief enuch?
The enuch agreed to let Daniel and the other 3 eat their way for how long to test their diet? note: 2 words
Shadrach was actually whom?