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Women of the Bible

Brave Queen
Mother of James and John
A prophetess found in Judges
Followed her mother-in-law
Peter raised her from the dead
David's fifth wife
The woman of ......
The woman who married Abraham and became the mother of a multitude
...woman and her daughter
Mother of John the Baptist
Ishmael's mother
Maker of purple cloth
Adam's equal
Wife of King Ahab
Pilate's .....
Listened to a snake
A sister who saved her brother's life
A deaconess in the time of Paul
Sister of Mary
Jairus's ......
..... Of Magdala
Avenged by her brothers
Means Palm Tree
The woman and the lost .....
Provided for Jesus
Solomon's mother
Means grace
Original hairdresser?
Buried her husband and two sons
Saved her people