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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's document was called the Emancipation _______
His nick name was _____
What is the statue called that was made to remember Abraham Lincoln?
How many surviving sons did they have together?
What is the address that honored men that had lost their lives fighting in the Civil War?
He wanted to set these people free _______
Where did General Robert E Lee surrender his army?
How old was he when his mother died?
Lincoln supported the _____ army
What was his favorite past time?
What state did Abraham Lincoln spend his childhood?
War fought during Lincoln's presidency.
What state did he move to at age 21?
Man who shot and killed Lincoln.
His wife's name was ____
What was he known for wearing?
He taught himself law and became a ____
What party did Abraham Lincoln start?
He was the ____ president of the United States.
What did Abraham Lincoln start that had to do with money?
Where is the Lincoln memorial located?
What type of house did he live in growing up?
Was Lincoln tall or short?