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Eloise in Paris

The title of the book is Eloise in
What does the Louve have in it?
What is the Name of Eloise's turtle?
What did she get from her mom?
What is Skipperdee's favorite word?
Langoustines make very good ___________.
She puts milk of ___________ on her face in layers.
What does Eloise like most?
The author is ____ Thompson
The _______ tower is absolutely large and rawther high.
Who is her taxi driver?
Koki played the guitar and I danced the _____________.
What did she get from her ride on the airplane?
Tout de suite means
What did Mrs. Fiffield have at Maxim's?
What can you cross by land or sea?
The characters are Eloise and
Who lives next door?
What did Eloise take to get to Paris?
Trees are called _______.