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World War II Crossword Puzzle

German submarine used to destroy British and American cargo ships in the Atlantic
March of surrendered American and Filipino troops to Japanese prison camps
America's main infantry weapon
Germany's plans to take the oil fields in the Soviet Union
Event that led US into war
Leader of England during WWII
Meaning "lightning warfare," was the main battle tactic for German at the start of the war
Japanese Emperor
Massive invasion of the German coastal defenses in northern France
Network of German concentration camps
Directed the D-Day landings
Leader of the Nazi party during WWII
German Airforce
American president during most of WWII
Battle that marked the turning point of the war in the Pacific
Massive bomb dropped on Japan to end the war in the Pacific
Italy's dictator during WWII
How many years America was involved in WWII
Leader of the Soviet Union
Mass killing of Jews in Nazi controlled territory