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economics 1---3rd grade

Example of capital resource.
Example of a natural resource.
People who do labor and the skills or knowledge that they have. They make things or help other people.
Example of economic institution
Resources made by people then used by people to make other things.
Any place where money is used to purchase a good or service is called an economic ______________.
Against the law.
It is illegal to _____________ your own money.
Example of a service job
Example of a want.
The things people cannot live without
The things people would like to have.
Jobs that people do to help other people, they do NOT make things
To manage and use our national resources wisely.
When you pay money for something.
Resources that occur in nature.
Example of a need.
When the needs or wants of the people are greater than the resources available. Limited resources..
The medium of exchange that allows people to buy goods and services.
Study of how people use and transfer resources.
Example of a human resource.
Products that people make or grow.