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Erosion and deposition play a key role in the formation of this type of rock.
A rock that is composed of 50% calcium carbonate (calcite).
Is a lithified clay and consists of layers that typically break into thin sheets.
A rock that is well-rounded gravel in a matrix of sand, clay, and natural cementing agents.
A rock that has the same texture as granite but has the mineral composition of an andesite.
A rock composed of cemented sand grains and is a cliff forming rock.
A rock that is similar to slate but has a satin-like sheen on its foliation planes.
Type of rock that solidify from a molten or partially molten state.
A rock that is the intrusive equivalent of rhyolite but has a coarser texture.
A scientist who studies the solid and liquid matter that make up the earth.
Any rock type that has been altered by heat, pressure, and/or the chemical action of fluids and gases.
A rock that is a metamorphosed limestone.
A rock that typically has a metamorphosed form of sandstone.
A rock that is typically a fine-grained, white, pink, or gray rock, high in quartz and feldspar content with some amphibole and biotite.
A rock that has a higher quartz content than basalt and is usually lighter in color.