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Bible Translation

Printer Johannes
Translated the Bible into English in 1383.
Committed to spreading the Gospel
Gospels that added English between the Latin lines
Allowed Luther's ideas to spread quickly.
Luther's 95 Theses were nailed to the door of this church
Converting words from one language to another
Supervised the translation of Henry VIII's Great Bible
Text divisions that were first seen in the Geneva Bible
The language of the people
King who authorized a version of the Bible still used widely today
Author of 680 Old English translation
Of 3000 published by Tyndale, only two survive
Original language of much of the New Testament
Translated the Bible into German
The language of Romans
First Bible in the New World was printed here
Approved by the King
Labeled a heretic and burned at the stake for translating scripture
Called for corrections in the church
The Bible the Pilgrims brought with them to the New World in 1620
Petitioned by Coverdale to authorize an English translation of the Bible
Latin Bible version used by the church up until the Reformation
Tyndale's execution method