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Science Lesson 1-4

A natural, nonliving solid with a definite chemical structure.
The layer of gases that surrounds the Earth and contains the clouds.
The top layer of the Earth, above the mantle.
Rock formed when igneous or sedimentary rock is changed by heat or pressure.
A theory stating that the Earth's surface is broken into plates that move.
The rigid outer of the Earth.
The center part of the Earth, beneath the mantle.
The ways that rocks change from one form to another.
The middle layer of the Earth, between the crust and the core.
Rock formed from melted rock that comes from deep within the Earth.
The moving of weathered rock and soil.
Rock formed when sediments are pressed or cemented together.
The water part of the Earth's surface.
The dropping of materials moved by erosion.
The process that breaks down and changes rocks.
A large section of the Earth.