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Spelling Lesson 25

a feeling of great and delighted approval
to make or form by combining or arranging parts; to build
a statement admitting guilt
to make more attractive by adding something that is beautiful or becoming
chosen for office but not yet holding office
to give along with others
the act of contributing
to act or behave in response
to make known (as something wrong); to admit wrongdoing
an act of imitating
to copy exactly
the act of connecting
the act or process or an instance of reacting
an act or process of electing
to grip the attention of especially so as to take away the power to move, act, or think for oneself
to have high regard for
to join or link together directly
the process, art, or manner of constructing
the act or process of expressing especially in words
to be attracted and held by charming qualities
the act or action of decorating
stretched tight; made taut; rigid
the act or action of stretching or the condition or degree of being stretched to stiffness