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People of the WWII

Supervised the attack of D-Day for Britain.
President of the U.S. Best know for carrying the U.S. through the Great Depression and WW2. Remembered for being for the people and his four freedoms speech.
achieved absolute power and maintained it throughout his time as chancellor. During his rule, he took a very active role in the government of Germany, making military decisions. Most know, and hated for the killing of millions of innocent Jews.
This British prime minister met up with the President of the U.S. and drew a statement of common war arms. Moreover, the most important of these, as outlined in their Atlantic Charter, was the principle of self determination. gained importance and remembrance for the "respecting the right of all people to choose the form of government under which they live." was among the most active leaders in resisting German aggression and played a major role in assembling the Allied Powers, including the United States and the USSR.
Became president when FDR died. Gave the order to drop the atomic bombs.
his Red Army killed or sent enemies of his communist party to labor camps where an estimated 30 million people died.The US, who was against communism and his actions, believed Stalin was the lesser of two evils and found it necessary to have his alliance in order to win the war.