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Science Crossword

All genes fall on one of these.
DNA is the carrier of (blank) information.
(blank) dominance is a mix of both alleles.
A reproductive cell.
Trait is a distinguishing (blank).
Mitosis makes an exact (blank).
An allele is a (blank).
An (blank) chromosome is not sex-linked.
Causes a trait through inheritance.
A single chromosome in an organism.
Heterozygous alleles are (blank).
A diploid organism has (blank) chromosome from each parent.
Only on the x and y chromosomes. x-sex (blank).
Dominant allele is (blank).
Homozygous alleles are (blank) to each other
Causes phenotype.
A pair of alleles.
These alleles must be identical to be inherited.
A pedigree is a (blank) of a trait throughout a family.
Reproduction not as a clone.
Punnet squares are used to find how (blank) something is to be inherited.