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Texas Revolution

The Texans and the Mexicans both wore _______ .
The _______ of the Alamo surrendered to the Mexicans.
San _________ was a battle in the Texas Revolution.
The Lone Star State is the nickname of _______.
David Crockett, AKA _______ __________.
Mexicans gave the Texans a _____.
______ ______ was the leader of the Mexican Army.
The Texans ______ many of the Mexicans at the Alamo.
Texas became ______ after they gained independence from Mexico.
Another word for a fight is a _________.
The Texans ______ their guns at the Mexicans.
The Texans and Mexicans got in many ________.
Texas became _________ from Mexico on March 2, 1836.
Texas _________ the Mexicans at the Battle of Gonzales.
_______ of Gonzales
Santa Anna _______ when he was captured.
Dilue Rose ______ made bullets for men the men going to fight at the Alamo.
The ________ is located in San Antonio.
The Texans used ______ to fight off their enemies.
The Battle of the Alamo ________ on March 6, 1836.