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World Geography: Review Ch. 1-9

Bordering on or being near the sea
How far east or west a place is from the prime meridian
A variety of people; differences
A Christian who does not belong to the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity
A mother, father, and their children
A person whose ancestors are African & European
A climate that is hot all year round & has a wet & a dry season
A tropical storm with strong winds, heavy rainfall, & huge waves
A mixture of French & African languages
A blend of many cultures
A body of water that is deep & wide enough for ships to sail on
A climate with very cold winters & very hot summers, with little precipitation
Heat from inside Earth
A vast city made up of many cities, one right next to another
Everything to do with work or money
A person who is related to a certain group of people
Building an area too quickly, without paying attention to harmful effects
A city & its suburbs
A law or act that limits imports or puts special taxes on them
The climate in landlocked areas far from oceans; a climate of short, warm summers & long winters
An area of land at a low altitude with a hot average temperature
An area of land at a high altitude with a cold average temperature
A chain of islands
Having to do with the government -- laws & customs people live by
A system of building, using, & distributing wealth & resources
A person who has both native & European ancestors