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Spanish-American War

Fleet of 16 battleships that sailed a world voyage
A state protected by another
A country that has power to influence or affect another country
Ended the Revolutionary War
Ended the Russo-Japanese war
Amendment to joint resolution of the US Congress
The only person in US history to be an Admiral of the navy
A country's inflence through military force
War between Russia and Japan
Chinese secret organization in northern China
A brief Spanish war of 1898
Roosevelt and his Rough Riders captured at top of hill, battle of San Juan Hill
Sec. of State purchased Alaska from Russia
Russia controlled most of the area when purchased by William Seward
Based on sensationalism and crude exaggeration
Withdrawal of US troops out of Cuba and end the Spanish-American war
Battleship part of the U.S. Navy fleet of steel ships
Secretary of State John Hays open door policy
Location of Honolulu the state's capital