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Cold War: Latin America

The Soviet Union installed nuclear weaponry in this place, posing a direct threat to the eastern seaboard of the U.S.
Nicaraguan socialist movement; successful social revolution in the 1980s
President Bush overthrows anti-U.S. government and occupies this place in 1989.
Cuban construction of a long airstrip in this place prompted a U.S. invasion under Ronald Reagan in 1983.
U.S. program developed in 1961 which gave monetary aid to Latin America, but was not entirely successful.
Governments created by, or supported by the U.S. in Central America; usually corrupt.
The leader that was ousted from government by revolution led by Fidel Castro.
Elected in Argentina in 1947
This revolutionary aided Fidel Castro and his revolution.
Dominant political party in mexico
Attempt at land reform aimed at this company caused U.S. intervention in 1954.
Land reforms by this Guatemalan president led to U.S. intervention 1954
This policy was established by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933; aimed to decrease direct intervention in Latin American politics.
A mix of Marxist ideals and Catholic beliefs.
Elected president of Guatemala in 1944.