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Terrestrial Planets Crossword

the most important gas in Earth's atmosphere
the last name of the first man to take a step on the moon
the planet named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
the top layer of Earth
Venus has ___ of volcanoes on its surface.
the number of total men (all Americans!) who have walked on the moon
When the sky is dark & we cannot see the moon, we call this a __ moon.
If a person is not on a space craft, it is called an ___.
All planets have __ orbits, NOT round.
The moon does not give off light by itself, but instead reflects the light from the ___.
The ground on Mars is permanently frozen creating ____.
Earth is the ___ distance from the sun so that life can exist.
a big ball of magnetic power around Earth, placed there to protect us from dangerous particles coming from the sun
Venus is hotter than Mercury because of its thick _____.
a word used when talking about the moon
the collision of the sun's solar wind with our atmosphere, producing beautiful colors in the sky
Venus is sometimes the ___ object in the night sky.
Same as "orbit"
the layer of Earth under the crust
The stuff that makes up everything around you
smooth, flat plains on the moon
Mars contains frozen carbon dioxide, creating what we call __ ice.
___ is named after the Roman god of travel.
The smelly chemical that gives Venus its yellow color is called _____.
"Soujourner" was the first Mars land ___ sent to Mars for the purpose of collecting up close information about the planet.
Same as "spinning"
Mercury & Earth both have a core made of iron and ___.
A measure of how much matter is in something
In the early 1960's, President ___ asked NASA to send a man directly to the Earth & bring him back safely.
the moon's gravity affects our oceans' _____.
The top half of the Earth is called the __ hemisphere; the bottom half is called the Southern Hemisphere.
The imaginary line that goes through the middle of the Earth.
Rocky planets are also called __ planets.
This planet can get hotter than 800 degrees during the day & colder than a freezer at night
Mercury's sky always looks dark because it has no _____.
Space rocks that burn up as they hit Earth's atmosphere are sometimes called ____ stars.
the name of our planet
The core of the Earth forms its ____ field.
We have seasons on Earth because of its ___.
The mass of a planet determines how much ___ it has.
The largest Martian volcano is called ___ Mons.
The hottest planet in our solar system
signals that bounce off of something and come back, used to tell us about the surface of Venus
Mars is known as the __ Planet, because of the element, iron, found in its dirt.
the central layer of the Earth