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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Part 1: Book 2: Chapters 1 - 5

Before entering the mines of Moria the troupe is attacked by __.
With the loss of Gandalf at the Bridge of Kazad-Dum __ takes on the role of leading the troupe.
The real treasure of Moria is not gold or diamonds but __.
__ the pony is not allowed to enter the mines of Moria.
Dain had sent Gloin to Rivendell to warn __ that Sauron was looking for him.
The name of the mountain pass that defeats the company of nine.
Aragorn had joined Gandalf on his hunt for __.
He does not want the council to destroy the ring.
The white figure Frodo saw on the other side of the ford.
Who brings ill tidings that Gollum escaped prison.
The only member of the troupe not to express fear at the prospect of entering Moria.
He tended over Frodo's wound for four nights and three days.
He survived being stabbed by the orc-chieftan.
The name of Frodo's sword.
When Gandalf went to __ for advice he was greeted with indifference.
Who listens in on the council meeting?
He is the first to offer to be the ring-bearer.
The troupe finds __'s tomb in the Chamber of Mazarbul.
__ saves Frodo from the giant sea monster.
It is believed that the Black Riders have been __.
Elrond commanded the river to flood while __created the horse rapids.
__ are shown to be extremely resistant to fading.
The password to open the doors of Moria is __ in Elvish.
Strider's real name.
Frodo's chain-mail is made of this special silver.
He had cut the ring from Sauron's hand.
The fire creature that defeats, and is defeated by, Gandalf is called a __.
One of the twelve companions to Thorin Oakenshield.
The halfling mentioned in Boromir's song.
Pippen, driven by curiosity, drops a __ into the well.