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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Part 1: Book 2: Chapters 6 -10

Aragorn had originally planned to travel west with Boromir to help fight in the wars of __.
Who had warned Gandalf about passing through Moria?
Celeborn said __ "fell from wisdom into folly."
They attack the company from the east bank of the river.
Lady Galadriel wears one of the three elven rings, the ring of __.
This elf word means 'tree people'.
Gimli received a strand of Lady Galadriel's __.
After looking in the mirror he wanted to return to the Shire.
According to Lady Galadriel their "Quest stands upon the edge of a __."
He tries to take the ring from Frodo.
Lady Galadriel gave Frodo a phial with __'s star in it.
These are thin elven cakes, one of which will provide a man enough strength to travel a full day.
The "footpad" following the company is __.
Oddly, Gimil became "fast friends" with __.
He composed a song about Gandalf.
The wood elves insisted this character be blindfolded.
__ is said to be the land of the Horse-lords.
This elf brings the company into Lothlorien.
This is the Pillar of the Kings.
According the Lady Galadriel there is hope as long as the __ remains true.
Who does not want the company to pass through Lothlorien?
While wearing the ring Frodo becomes aware of the eye of __.
One danger the river presents to the company.
He is the Lord of Lothlorien.
As Sam was a __ Lady Galadriel gave him some earth from her orchard.
Haldri gave Sam some __ for their journey.
The elves gave each member of the company a warm, light __.
When Frodo looked into the mirror of Galadriel he saw a red __.
An elvish liquid that revives a man's strength.
He joins Frodo on his quest.