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Gilded Age

This strike was a defeat for the Unions. took place at Andrew Carnegie's steel plant where violence occurred between strikers and the Pinkertons (private detectives)
These people were barred from immigration in 1882
Also known as the old guard, this was a more conservative faction of the Republcian Party
Cornelius Vanderbilt made his money in _______
This political party was stupid because it was anti-Catholic
The death of this president led to civil service reforms
This guy invented the telephone
Initials of the department established through legislation that would ensure that railroad shipping fees were reasonable and just
Last name of the guy who wrote a utopian novel called looking backward which gave a socialist look at the future.
This theory of immigration argues that immigrants lose their culture over time
Carnegie's idea that the superrich should be charitable and give back to society for the common good
Social _______ was a belief in 'survival of the fittest' in the businessworld
The valedictorian and the salutatorian this year are both _________
Vote _____ and _________ - advised Boss Tweed!
The Horatio ______ myth centered on the idea that men could go from rags to riches during the Gilded age
This guy invented the incandescent light bulb
George's new bestie
___________ Act reformed the civil service system
This wave of immigration brought individuals from western European countries
Trump thinks that Obama ______ his phones
This legislation was named after ___________ and attempted to break up monopolies and trusts that exploited consumers
A bomb went off in this square and cops and civilians were killed, it was blamed on unions and there was a sharp decrease in unionization
Andrew Carnegie made his money in _____
This guy invented the way to mass produce steel
This theory of immigration argues that people maintain their cultural identity as they coexist with other americans. This is known as cultural _________
Initials of the union that was a craft union headed by Samuel Gompers
The term, Gilded Age, was coined by _______ to refer to the time period between the 1870s and the 1900s
Oh no you didn't win the Oscar!
A negative term for captains of industry
These people were irish american coal minders in pennsylvania who belonged to a secret society. The sought labor rights in the mines
Which president broke up the Railroad Strike in 1877 arguing that it was disrupting interstate commerce?
When employers met with employees to compromise and discuss differences of opinion aka ___________ bargaining
When you limit immigration from a particular country, you place a ______ on it.
John D. Rockefeller made his money in _______
Credit ________ scandal in 1872 where railroad companies and construction suppliers were owned by the same people. the company was charging inflated prices for cosntruction materials and the government backed company, Union Pacific, paid those prices
Last name of the man who foudned the Knights of Labor which fought for ending child labor, an 8 hour work day and equal pay for equal work.
They were Republicans who were so dissatisfied with their party that they voted for Democrat Grover Cleveland in 1884
This part of the Republican Party was less conservative and favored civil service reform
When one company took over the stock of competing companies
One huge corporation controlled almost the entire market
A not very nice movement that opposed foreigners and immigration
City where Boss Tweed was located
This wave of immigration brought people from Southern and EAstern European countries