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Mystery of Lord of the Flies

_______Lauren (this is a designer)
A state of confusion
The end of_____
Green, yellow and red traffic light
_____ in the box
The highest person in authority
To be frightened, to be scared
This is another word for eye glasses
The process of change
This is another word for boys
A flying machine with wings
______ reef
_______ truck
This is a sharp utensil used for cutting
Alvin,______and Theador
A long wooden weapon with a sharp end
Where there's fire, there's _____
This is a piece of land surrounded by water
Enamel or latex
The search for food
A situation of confusion
This little ______ went to the market
Its as sure as taxes
This is the opposite of barbarism
A group of uncontrolled people
This is a tropical shell
This is a skydiving essential
Beauty and the _____
Good vs _____
This is an 8 letter word starting with M and ending with N
A weak, frightful person
This is a synonym for the word, "save"
The fight to live
_____are meant to be broken
Law and ______
This is another word for clan
______ Rangers
This is a fully grown female pig