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ceramics vocab

vocab 1-5 midterm review
visual weight/attraction
the performance of a series of actions/techniques to produce a product/project
a two-dimensional area with a recognizable boundary that encloses a space. Measured by length and width
The tool used to remove ribbons of clay
the use of opposing elements/principles to draw attention to certain areas within an artwork
the size of something compared to the world in general
technique used to create work by hand without mechanical devices
size relationship within a whole: elements to one another
the process of heating ceramics in the kiln
the great differences between the elements of design in a composition
The regular repetition of elements of art within an artwork
Type of balance necessary for artworks’ stability
the area that is not the subject of a piece of 2d art or the activated area around the subject of a 3d work
The visual tempo or beat within an artwork: relies heavily on pattern and movement
the strength of the color
is the path a viewer’s eye takes through an artwork
A substance applied to the surface of ceramics that forms a glass coating when fired. It is a recipe of glass powder, metal powders and mineral compounds that create specific colors and textures at a certain temperature
clay objects that permanently retain their shape after being heated
an element of design that indicates the areas between, around, above, below or within something
delicate, easily broken or damaged
creamy mixture of clay and water used as a “glue” for clay
the least, smallest or lowest of something
the appearance of oneness/wholeness, when all parts of an artwork look as if they belong together
a term used to describe something as it diminishes or reduces in thickness toward an end.
the communal tool used to cut large portions of clay or to cut a thrown form off of the wheel
Flat sheet of clay
ceramic or artisan goods that are named in combination with a descriptive prefix
Having a double meaning; open to more than one interpretation
Thin rope of clay
The tool used mainly to stir slip as it does not absorb moisture and grow mold/mildew if accidentally left in a slip container
the tool used to score clay to be connected, to cut out shapes from a slab, or to poke holes in forms to allow the air trapped inside to escape
visible reflection of light used as an element of design
are the primary tools used in mark making, to smooth and connect joined pieces of clay, and for compression of surfaces
the organization of the elements of an artwork into a harmonious unified whole.
what we use to cover our desks before we ever get out paint or glaze. We use 1-2 layers and throw it away when finished
the bone-dry projects that are ready to be fired
the surface quality of an object
name of color
the process used to slow down but not stop the drying process
an element of design that has three dimensions and encloses a volume. Measured with length width and depth
product and process of the first firing
the ability to withstand delay without anger or being upset.
the term used when clay has dried, lightened in color and is no longer cold to the touch
lightness or darkness of a color
the greatest, highest or most of anything
the distribution of weight within the composition of an artwork
element of design based on light and light direction
an industrial oven that dries and hardens clay into ceramics
can be used to score large areas of clay or to smooth surfaces together