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World War II


Date____________________ Period_____
Japanese general who took over the Japanese government during WWII
Leader of the Soviet Union
Airmen who were first African American pilots in U.S. military
Attack that drew U.S. into the war
Treaty that ended WWI
Fascist leader of Germany
Project where U.S. attempted to build the first atomic bomb
Germany's attempt to commit genocide on the Jews of Europe
Pilot who would intentionally crash their plane into an enemy ship
Name of the riveter who became a symbol of women working for the war effort
Allied invasion to retake France along the beaches of Normandy
Country where the Bataan Death March took place
Fascist dictator of Italy
Where U.S. first dropped an atomic bomb
Powers included Germany, Japan and Italy
Program that allowed Mexicans to take on open farm labor jobs in the United States
Powers included the U.S., Great Britain and the U.S.S.R.
Name of the puppet government Germany set up in France