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Climate & Weather 4th Grade

Water vapor rises and cools to form condensed water droplets called ____
The study of weather, climate, and the atmosphere
Describes Earth's shape
The tool used to measure the speed of wind
The measure of how much water vapor is in the air
The pattern of weather at a certain place over a long time
The climate at the top of a mountain may seem colder than that
The person who studies meteorology and delivers weather reports
Human-made device located in space that takes pictures of the atmosphere and collects information to send back to Earth
Times of the year with different weather
The tool that measures the amount of precipitation that falls
The temperature at which water vapor condenses back into a liquid
Air temperatures around _____ are kept from being too hot or too cold over nearby land
The state of the atmosphere at a specific given time
Tool used to measure temperature
Tool that measures air pressure
The measure of heat in the air
A factor that can result in a climate of hot summers and cold winters; often referred to as "continental climate"
A prediction about the weather that a meteorologist makes based on information gathered from data and weather tools
A tool used to measure the direction of the wind
The lowest layer of the atmosphere in which almost all of the weather takes place
The five layers of gas that surround Earth
Places that get more direct _____ get the most energy and have the warmest climates.
A line through the center of a spinning object