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To Kill A Mockingbird

Atticus shot a mad one
First object found in the tree hole
Black man accused of rape
Testifies that she was raped. Takes care of 7 younger siblings.
What article of clothing did Jem come back to folded neatly on the fence?
Tom Robinson's verdict
One of the main characters, The father of Jem and Scout
Tom Robinsons ____ arm got caught in the cotton gin
Sherriff of Maycomb County
The 12 people who decided Tom's fate
The Jacob's boy
Jem and Scout's Uncle (Relation to the kids, then full name)
The county where this story originates.
Judge that hears the Tom Robinson case.
Atticus's occupation
Scout's Pageant Costume
Young boy that is "visiting" for the summer
Major event/time period that this story takes place during.
Author of "To Kill A Mockingbird" (First Name)
This characters house burnt down in the story
"Do you solely swear to tell the ____ and nothing but the ____?" (one word)
African American, Maid/Older Peer at the Finch's house
Mr. Radley used ____ to fill the hole in the tree
What weapon killed Bob Ewell?
Narrator of the story, Tom girl, Jem's sister.
Who saves the kids at the end of the story
What was Tom trying to do when he got shot?