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Human Impact on the Environment

Increase in the average temperature of the Earth possibly due to an increase in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Chemicals once used as refrigerator coolants and aerosol can propellants affecting the Earth’s ozone layer
Scientists trying to identify, manage, and protect natural areas where many organisms live
The main gas making up the Earth’s atmosphere
percent of Earth covered with freshwater suitable for drinking
Scientists trying to repair ecosystems that are badly damaged
Mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth
Air pollution composed of water vapor and chemicals from human activities
Ability of the Earth’s atmosphere to trap heat and keep us warm
Burning these increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere
percent of the Earth covered with water
The death of all members of a species of organisms
Molecule that is damaged by too much ultraviolet radiation
Greenhouse gas that cycle by the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration
All rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, rivers, and ponds on Earth
The increase in concentration of some chemicals within organisms as you goes higher in a food chain
The part of Earth where all living things are found
Earth’s rock interior extending from the molten core to the crust
Variety of different types of organisms living in an area
Habitat destruction cause this reduction in the size of some populations
Group of organisms that are important to the life of many other types of organisms in an ecosystem
The effect CFC’s have on our ozone layer
Absorbs most of the sun’s harmful, ultraviolet rays before they reach Earth
Rain with an acid pH that makes soil and water on Earth more acidic
Protected wetlands in the southern United States that is rich in organisms