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Author: kelsmeans
What is it called when the enlargement is greater than one?
The image rotates around this
-is a figure that stays the same size but slikes one direction or another
What is it called when the image preserves the distance and angle measures after the transformation as it had before the transformation
-is a fixed point in the plane about which all points are expanded or contracted. It is the only invariant point under a dilation.
What a type of dilation is called if the scale factor is between 0 and1
A- of a geometric figure is a function or mapping that results in a change in position shape or size of the figure
is when two or more transformations are combined to form a new transformation
- is waht a reflection is done across
The degree a figure is rotated
- is the type of dilation that has a scale factor greater than 1
-are done across a line of reflection
- is a transformation that rotates around a certain point to a certain degree
-is the resulting figure after a transformation