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Purim Puzzle #1

Name of the holiday
Indefinite article, before vowel
Contraction of hospital wing to go to in an emergency
The Hebrew month on which Purim falls
Haman's wife's name
The wicked, wicked man
A word said at the end of a blessing, meaning "it is so"
A royal command
The rejected queen
Noise maker for Purim
A rolled up parchment where you can find the story of Esther
Number of sons Haman had
"Lot" or "fate" in ancient Persian
This city in ancient Persia where the story takes place
The ancient name of the land from which Mordechai originated
A citizen of the ancient country where the story of Esther takes place
Esther's older cousin
The silly king
The number of sons Mordechai had
Esther's Hebrew name
The good queen
A scroll of the Five Books of Moses