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Holocaust Crossword Vocabulary

Without a job; Many were ________ during the Great Depression.
Areas where Jews were forced to live before concentration camps.
Italy and ______were an Axis power along with Nazi Germany.
Segregation separated the Jews from the ______ race.
A way the Nazis continued to punish Jews after the war.
______________ was one country captured by Nazi power.
The Hitler ______ organization helped to build army power and nationalism.
The 1936 Summer Olympics was held in ______, Germany during WWII.
The Nazis used Zyklon B in ___________ to kill prisoners in the concentration camps.
The United States joined WWII after Japan bombed their shores at ______ Harbor.
ID papers had to be carried by ___________!
Because of the Night of Broken ______, many Jews were killed and suffered.
______ Children were captured and given to Nazis parents, because they fit the master race.
______ ruled over Germany and most of Europe during WWII.
Adolf Hitler became this in 1930. HINT: America has a president, Germany has a _________.
One of the largest concentration camps during the Holocaust.
The government of Germany and all of its captured countries became a ____________ during the Holocaust.
The axis and ________ powers were against each other in WWII.
All Jews were required to were the ___________ to prove that they were Jews.
Arbeit Macht Frei-Work Makes _____ Free.