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cell vocabulary

By: Leah Gordon
Between the nucleus and cell membrane
Organelle found only in plants contain green pigments that absorb sunlight and convert the energy into food
A group related tissues that work together to perform the same function
Large peanut shaped organelles known as the power plants of the cell
Organelle that assembles proteins into compounds not surrounded by a membrane
Membrane bound sacs that are filled with fluid, store water food waste and other substances
Small ball shaped organelle that breaks down nutrients and old cell organelles rare in plants cells
System of membranes and tubes that twist and turn throughout a cell to make path for materials to pass
The basic structural unit of a thing
A single shelled organism that is housed inside a shell
Movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area to a lower concentration
Is a thin flexible covering that surrounds all types of cell it allows food water and gasses to enter and leave
Cell structure that performs specific functions
Rigid outer layer that surrounds the cell membrane and protects the cell and plants stand upright
Whip like tail that help single organisms move by spinning propeller
A group of related organs that work together to perform the same function
System of embrace that receive proteins and ship them out to other parts of the cell
Type of diffusion in which water passes though a cell membrane
Storehouse of the most import an chemical information or central core of an atom
Small structure that look like hair
A large group of similar specialized cell that work together