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Rosh Hashanah

We spend a lot of time there on the holidays
Holiday celebrating the beginning of the Jewish year (one word)
Like (comparison)
A word of greeting
The person who leads the singing of the prayers
Fruit with many seeds traditionally eaten on Rosh Hashanah
Fruit of the vine
Hebrew word for "day"
Referring to the moon, as is the Jewish calendar
Hebrew word for blowing the shofar
Hebew word for "king"
The honor of coming up for the blessing of the Torah; also, to immigrate to Israel
Feminine of the Hebrew word for "good"
Where we read about the Jewish holidays
Ram's horn
A Hebrew prayer book
Traditional food for Rosh Hashana
Hebrew for "book"
The shape of the New Year challah bread
Fruit eaten with honey
Feminine version fo the Hebrew word for "big" or "great," used for last shofar blow.
"... malkeinu" (Hebrew word for "our father" and the first word of a famous prayer.
Hebrew word for "world"
Hebrew word for "first," "head" or "leader"
Masculine pronoun, 3rd person (not "she")