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Age of Exploration Vocabulary

To travel completely around something, such as the earth.
Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs in what is now Mexico.
A light sailing ship that is easy to maneuver and can sail in shallow water.
Sails West from Spain in 1492 and lands in the Carribean in the “New World.”
a measure of how far East or West you are on the globe.
Aztec ruler who was defeated by Cortes.
An imagined water route many searched for that went through North America to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Land in North and South America which was “new” to the Europeans who discovered it.
An economic policy where nations try to gather as much gold and silver as possible, done by controlling trade and establishing colonies.
Europeans wanted to bypass Muslim traders by finding better sea routes.
a large farm, often worked by slaves, where crops such as sugar, tobacco, or rubber are grown.
Time period from 1418 to 1620 in which Europeans explored other parts of the world.
Discovered the Hudson river area in North America while searching for the Northwest Passage.
An outbreak of a disease that affects many people
Portugese explorer. First European to sail around the southern tip of Africa.
He encouraged Portugese exploration and began a school of Navigation.
The art and science of making maps.
English Explorer reaches Canada.
Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas in what is now Peru.
a measure of how far North and South you are on the globe.
An economic system based on investment of money (capital) for profit.
A country or an area ruled by another country from far away.
An increase in the supply of money compared to goods, resulting in higher prices.