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Grade 6, Lesson 9 Review

Teacher: Ms. McGranaghan - Grade 6, religion
God reminds the Israelites they are his __.
Leader of the Israelites
Where the Israelites spent many years before entering the Promise Land
Prophet who predicted the greatness of the Israelites in the centuries to come
The way the biblical writer symbolized God's presence
Laws of God's covenant
Mountain peak in southern part of Sinai Peninsula, this is where Moses received the 10 Commandments
Laws to help the Israelites live out God's covenant, besides the 10 Commandments
Successor to Moses as the next leader of the Israelites
A movable place of worship
Tent that served as a meeting place and temple for the Israelites in the desert.
Book of the Old Testament that mainly tells us of the journey to the promise land
Wooden box in which the tablets of the Ten Commandments were kept
An extraordinary event that is beyond human power
Small birds the Israelites ate in the deset
Tribes of Israel for the Hebrews, and Apostles of Jesus for Christians
Land God promised to the Hebrews
Bend knee in Church as act of worship
Bread like substance, sweet food taste like honey