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The Expansion and Fall of Rome

One of the first settlers of Rome
Lack of loyalty of soldiers to their Emporer led to the fall of the Empire
The tribe that conquered Rome and led to the fall of the Western Empire
First ruler of Rome killed by opponents
Citizens lack of loyalty and trust of their government led to fall of the Empire
Belief in one god and based on the teachings of Jesus
Son of Caesar and named "divine one" for being a great ruler of Rome
River running through Rome
Rome began in the center of what is now this country
A problem with money that led to the fall of the Empire
Leader of the Germanic tribe
Large territory led by Roman Ruler
Roman Ruler
Foreign groups taking over land and led to the Fall of the Empire
Decline in good "farming" led to the fall of the Empire
Emporer who declared an end to attacks on Christians and moved capital from Rome to Byzantium
Form of government where people vote