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Crime and Punishment/Prohibition

Bill that started prohibition.
What crashed on October 29, 1929?
This 'mother' of criminals was born Arizona Clark
Was targeted on St. Valentines Day by Al Capone for death.
The dust bowl happened because of man made mistakes and what?
Mob leader who was put in prison for tax evasion.
Radio station from OKC to broadcast west of the Mississippi River.
This law allowed many criminals to become rich in the 1930's.
Most romanticized criminals of the 20's and 30's.
This New Deal program protects individual bank deposits.
Two brothers who started airline named after them.
Increase in prices and decrease in ability to buy.
Tariff means what?
Tulsa native who influenced the route of U.S. High way 66.
Private/Illegal clubs during Prohibition.
His last name was Nelson and didn't like his nickname.
Amendment that started prohibition
Act that began the repeal of prohibition.
Al Capone stayed in this famous prison before getting released for good behavior.
Known as the "Robin Hood of the Coleman Hills."
Set up by "The Lady in Red."
First governor to be kicked out of office.
Oklahoman who died with Wiley Post.
The name of FDR's plan to get America out of the Depression.